How Do Reviews Work on Etsy? A Complete Guide

Reviews are essential to the Etsy experience for buyers and sellers. Reviews provide transparency, build trust, and help shoppers make informed decisions. But how exactly do reviews work on Etsy? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about reviews on Etsy.

What are Etsy Reviews?

Etsy reviews allow buyers to leave feedback and ratings for purchased items. After receiving an order, buyers can rate the item on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. They can also leave a written review detailing their experience with the product quality, seller communication, shipping, and more.

Reviews on Etsy serve several purposes:

  • Help future buyers make purchase decisions
  • Give sellers feedback to improve their shops
  • Build trust and transparency between buyers and sellers
  • Recognize sellers who provide great experiences

Who Can Leave Etsy Reviews?

Only buyers who have completed a purchase on Etsy can leave a review. Sellers cannot review their items or ask buyers for reviews. Here are some key points about who can check on Etsy:

  • Only verified buyers can leave reviews. Etsy reviews are tied to actual order transactions.
  • Buyers have 100 days after delivery to leave a review.
  • Third-party sites may show unofficial reviews, but Etsy removes these.
  • Sellers can report reviews they believe are fraudulent or abusive.

This policy ensures Etsy reviews come from real customers and accurately reflect their shopping experience.

Where Do Etsy Reviews Appear?

Etsy reviews are prominently displayed in a few places on the site:

Individual Listing Pages

A listing will showcase reviews and the overall rating for that particular item. Shoppers can read feedback to gauge quality before buying.

Shop Homepage

The overall average rating for the shop in the past 12 months appears on the shop’s homepage. This gives an overview of customers’ satisfaction.

Seller Profile Page

A seller’s profile displays their overall rating from all reviews. Shoppers can click to read all reviews for a broader perspective.

Search Results

Listings in search results highlight the item’s review count and star rating. This lets shoppers quickly compare items as they browse.

How Etsy Review Ratings Work

The overall rating that appears on listings and seller profiles represents the average of all star ratings received. Here’s how Etsy calculates a shop’s overall rating:

  • Review ratings are from 1 to 5 stars
  • Etsy totals the star ratings on all reviews
  • The average (mean) rating is calculated
  • Average is rounded to the nearest half star
  • This becomes the overall rating for the shop or listing

For example, a shop with twelve 5-star reviews, seven 4-star reviews, and one 3-star review would have an overall average rating of 4.5 stars.

How Sellers Can Respond to Reviews

Etsy allows and encourages sellers to publicly respond to any review. Seller responses appear directly below the buyer’s original review.

Reply features allow sellers to:

  • Thank the customer for their feedback
  • Clarify any confusions or issues
  • Apologize for problems and state how they’ll improve
  • Provide excellent customer service even after the sale

Responses should always remain professional and constructive. Argumentative or abusive responses will be removed by Etsy.

How Etsy Determines “Helpful” Reviews

Buyers can mark Etsy reviews as “helpful” or “not helpful.” Helpful reviews are given greater visibility and prominence across the site.

Etsy may determine a review is helpful if it:

  • Provides details and useful information
  • Seems fair, truthful, and unbiased
  • Follows Etsy’s reviewing policies
  • Includes photos showing products or issues

Reviews marked helpful by enough buyers appear at the top of listings. Unhelpful or irrelevant reviews are minimized.

Why Reviews Matter for Etsy Sellers

Etsy reviews aren’t just for buyers. They play a key role in sellers’ visibility, reputation, and ultimately sales. Here’s how reviews impact Etsy sellers:

Etsy Star Seller Badge

Sellers who meet criteria for 5-star customer service can earn an Etsy Star Seller badge. High ratings and low review removal rates contribute to badge eligibility.

Listings with more reviews and higher average ratings tend to rank better in Etsy searches. Reviews signal that an item is worth showing to customers.

Increased Conversion Rates

Research shows buyers are 3x more likely to purchase from sellers with 5-star ratings. Reviews build trust leading to more sales.

Identifying Improvements

Constructive feedback from reviews helps sellers pinpoint areas that need work, like shipping practices or product photos.

Review Policies Sellers Should Know

Etsy has strict policies around reviews to protect buyers and sellers. It’s important for sellers to understand these rules:

  • Sellers cannot offer incentives for reviews. This includes discounts, free products, or refunds.
  • Sellers cannot republish or modify reviews off of Etsy.
  • Reviews must reflect a real buyer’s honest experience with a purchase.
  • Abusive or inappropriate reviews can be reported. Etsy may remove them.
  • Sellers can flag potentially fraudulent reviews for investigation.

Violating Etsy’s reviews policies can lead to account suspension or other consequences.

Tips for Etsy Sellers to Get Great Reviews

The best way for Etsy sellers to earn stellar reviews is providing 5-star service and items to every customer. Here are some top tips:

  • Include a thank you note with each order asking politely for a review if satisfied.
  • Follow up after delivery to ensure the customer is happy.
  • Reply to all reviews promptly and professionally.
  • Offer replacements or refunds for any less-than-perfect orders.
  • Ask for feedback on how you can improve if a review is negative.
  • Make reviewing convenient by sending email reminders and links.

The Bottom Line

Etsy reviews enable a transparent marketplace where buyers and sellers can build trust and a sense of community. For Etsy sellers, good reviews lead to more visibility, sales, and success on the platform. Focusing on over-delivering on customer service is the best path to earning outstanding reviews.

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